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Record a Cue with a Defined Number

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Flx s48 

In the cue stack am wanting to leave a gap to insert fade out tab warmers and then fade out when ive got time after rehearsal. So I'm on cue 25 so the after the 3 cues my next cue will be cue cue 28. How do i achieve this?


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Hi Peter,

To record a cue with a defined cue number rather than recording the next sequential cue, tap RECORD, but before tapping the Playback button tap Z/Shift, and type the cue number you wish to record.

Therefore in your example to leave a gap of 2 cues after cue 25, create the lighting state you wish to become cue 28, then tap RECORD -> Z/Shift -> type 28 using the numpad -> and tap your playback's button to complete the command. This is the same process for inserting a cue. 

If you have a USB keyboard connected, you may use the numerical keys on that to define your cue number, rather than tapping Z/Shift to access the keypad.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


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