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If you have a cue at blue, then a blackout on that fixture then a cue at white then this should be handled automatically by move on dark. However you need to make sure the blackout is a tracked cue not a "Save All" cue, which is the mistake I've made in the past!

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Hi Alan,

As Kevin says above, for Move on Dark to occur, you’ll need a cue where the fixture is off before it is on in its new Colour, Beam and Position.

If you are going directly from a cue in one colour to a cue in a different colour, some fixtures have a control channel that allows you to shut the shutter when colour/beam/position is changing. This is specific to the fixture.

If your fixture doesn’t have this functionality then you’ll be able to insert a cue that turns the fixture off, and then the next cue can automatically follow on to turn the fixture on again. 

If you have any queries let me know. 


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