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auto scenestep increase

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Having a tech-guest per performance (our shows run only once), one of them was searching on the desk for this feature:

While using the (preset-)faders, to increase automatically the scenenumber when the fader drops below 5% and loads the next scene.

fader A 100%: scene 37 ; fader B 0% scene 38

faders both down, fader A loads scene 39 when below 5%

fader A 0%: scene 39 ; fader B 100% scene 38

faders both up, fader B loads scene 40 when below 5%

&c, &c.


He: "It is on a Spark, and should be on the new zero-desks by now."

My reply: "I buy 3 frogs for that price, but I've no sponsor."

He did the show from the subs.


Also, some discussion about the paging began: why restarting the subs-numbers from 1 to 12 on page 2 (& onwards) instead of carry on with 13 to 24 on page 2, 25 to 36 on page 3, &c, &c (needs a 3 digit display up to 240, preferred over F0h).

I taped it for him, and peeled the layer off when moving to the next page.

That could be a software feature.



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What you are asking for in terms of an A/B cross fade on memories is something that exists on the Illusion. We didn't see this as a feature that many people would want on the Frogs. Maybe I am wrong but this is the first time in nearly 3 years it has been asked for. We will look at it but no promises as I think it would be a major thing to do.


On the next generation it is more likely. :wink:

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Certainly, on the Frogs this would be a MAJOR new function to design and implement !


On a more historical note there was a major debate on whether it should be included on the original Illusion desks as well 8O

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Thanks for the response. It is understandable that the A/B cross fade on memories is not a current issue for the Frog range.

But how about the subs counting. A SU option?

If not, tape will work also.

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