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Identifying effects on playbacks

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Hi Folks,

See attached photo. I have chosen a group of LED washes and on my external monitor I can see the current setting for each fixture in the group. Playback 6 introduces a colour cycle to the fixtures. where do I see how this colour cycle is being generated? I expect it's an effect but where do I see what effects are attributed to each playback? (interestingly when playback 6 introduces the colour cycle the visible current fixture colour settings don't appear to change on the monitor )



Screen Shot.JPG

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Hi Chris,

The parameter table shown at the bottom of the Output Window in your screenshot, should show you whether an effect is running or not. You will see the effect palette number written instead of a value percentage for the parameters included in the effect.

In your screenshot, cue 1 in playback 6 is displayed as yellow, meaning it hasn't yet been triggered. If you would like to preview this cue, make sure that you are viewing its playback, and then tap "Preview" at the bottom of the Output window. Selecting the fixtures included in this cue will then open the parameter table to show you what levels parameters are at, and whether any effects are included.

Any queries let me know,


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