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Sorry if this is obvious but I can't find the BACK button when I want to go back a cue in a stack of cues. Also I there a way to have a cue auto follow-on with a delay time? 🙄 

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The “Pause” button is also the back button - press it twice to go back a cue (and then one more time for each additional cue you want to go back).

In “Cue Settings” oh can set trigger to “Auto with” or “Auto after”. Choosing either of these options displays a wait time.

Hope this helps,


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Use SETUP+PB button and set the shifted option to Pause. Then button=GO, shift+button=Pause/Back

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It's very interesting to know that the pause button allows to have and by tapping twice, the possibility to go back.
It was something that I was doing by pressing the GO button and calling the previous number ...

So just for information if we press this button once because we need a break, what time do we have for the FLX does not confuse a return back and a pause and restart immediately the effect in short?

And so is there a visual indication on the screen that allows us to know that we are in reverse?
When we want to start again, how do we do it?
Should he press the "GO" button?

thank you so much.


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Hi Eric,

If you tap Go, and then part way through the fade tap Pause, the cue transition will be paused. In the cue list window you'll be able to see the progress bar is paused, and both the Pause and Go buttons will be flashing. Pressing Pause a second time however, will go back to the previous cue. On FLX, SHIFT + PAUSE will act as Snap back, snapping back to the previous cue ignoring fade times. If a cue transition has completed, double tapping Pause will go back a single cue.

To resume running the cue list in the usual way, tap Go once, and you'll either continue the fade time that was paused, or go into the next cue.

Hope that helps,


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