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How do you set up the screen layout

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Hi Can anyone help me with this.

The manual says the touch screen can be set out in quadrants. How do you get into the setting to do this.

Basically I want my Que Stack and output levels on one desktop and my pallets for my fixtures on desk top 2 . 

Is there any instruction avalible to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated spent all night trying to work it out



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Hi Phil,

Different view options are available by tapping the SPECIAL key.

To layout your palettes in quadrants, firstly view Desktop 2 using the desktop selection in the bottom left corner. You can name the currently viewed Desktop by tapping NAME and then tap the desktop select button. Now open the first palette window you'd like for the top left quadrant. To open different windows hold SHIFT + tap the relevant key. Therefore for Colour Palettes hold SHIFT + COLOUR. If it doesn't appear, under the Selected Window Options row of the MFKs, tap "Screen" until it opens. Then tap "Size", which will loop through the different sizing options. Repeat this until you have the 4 quadrants filled. This configuration will then be saved in the show file.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


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