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Operating Jester Zero88

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Hi all,

Probably very basic but have to ask anyway!

Operating a jester zero88 lighting desk, cues saved on a memory stick.

2 points:


1. Find the file, load it, says file is loaded to the board. how do I get the lights cues up and going from it?

Just got it going, but a lot of button pressing and worries I can't do it again!


2. How to safely take out the memory stick - without losing files, messing up the desk!

I'm aware it's basic stuff but really need some help/reassurance I'm not going to make a mess 


Thank you!

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After Loading in a Jester show file, you'll then have to leave the console's Super User/Setup mode. You can do this by going back to the main Super User/Setup menu. Therefore press OK on the Load Show success dialogue, and then cursor down to OK in the Load/Save options to take you back to the main menu. You'll then be able to press and hold the MODE button, which will take you into the mode you were last in. If you are taken to Preset mode, press and hold MODE again to enter Program/Run mode. If you are in Program mode tap MODE once to flip to Run mode. You'll then be able to run your programmed submasters and memories.

Your safest bet is to only unplug/plug in USB sticks whilst outside of Super User/Setup. That way there's no risk of the console trying to read or write to it whilst unplugging. Even if you were to do this and the console did freeze, you would likely be able to power cycle and be where you left off.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know,


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