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Solution & Touchscreen "T1731SR-B1 A" no mouse

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Hello forum members.

I recently bought a new Zero88 solution lighting desk for our theatre. We want to replace our aging ADB Cantor soon.

I am trying to connect a touchscreen monitor, it is a "T1731SR-B1 A". Is there any difference between a "T1731SR-B1" and a "T1731SR-B1 A"? I can't get this to work. When I try to calibrate in setup only one box shows up in the upper left corner. Sometimes I can touch on it and it gets yellow, but nothing further happens.

What can I do to make this work?


Thanks in advance.




IMG_1380 2.jpg


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Hi Marco,

The system information screen is displaying that you are running ZerOS This is out of date software, as the latest is ZerOS 7.9.4. In the more recent ZerOS updates we have found some Illyama touchscreens require a different driver to others. Therefore if you are happy to update to ZerOS 7.9.4, you may find in the calibration window there is a line of text displaying "Calibration not working? Press Update and try again.". Try this, and if this then allows you to calibrate the monitor correctly, we will add this model of the touchscreen to our list...


It is worth mentioning ZerOS 7.9.4 brings big changes to how Solution consoles operate, so it may be worth taking a look at the below video, which talks through the changes in ZerOS 7.9.2 and later...

ZerOS 7.9.4 can be downloaded from our website here...

Any queries let me know.


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