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GUI (graphical user interface) PhantomOs

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Are there any plans to optimize the GUI of the PhantomOs?

I use it in the moment to edit my FLX S Show Files. And i think the caption of the buttons are not realy good. It's hard to read on windows.

Since you must use a window for the internal touch and the external touch to read the values, the internat display on the fader desk view takes screen size but brings not realy help. So it would be better if could arange the windows and buttons so, that i can read the values and take control. So a few arrangements would make the GUI more useable.

In the moment i alwyas switch between the windows back and force to control and see the values. Normal it should be possibe to arrange the windows on a full HD Display so, that i have all control over all.

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No one interessted in a optomized GUI?

ETC has just released a PC Offline Software for their Color Source Desk series. I have tested the Color Source 40 Version. It's a single window design. But works good on a FullHD display.

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Hi Erics,

There are many improvements we wish to make to PhantomZerOS including GUI improvements and keyboard shortcuts.

Hopefully you'll find ZerOS 7.9.5 improves this too, adding many GUI improvements to Setup and other settings windows. 

Any queries let me know,


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