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I am attempting to link my FLX 48 to my PC in order to use the free Club Capture show file.

I have tried with a crossover cable and fixed IP addressing on the PC and the board set at 

I have also attempted the same as above but with a network switch using CAT 5 cable.

Also, a router on the same range DHCP but to no avail.

Is there something else I am missing out here or can anyone point me in the right direction?

Rang helpline the other day, they said it wasn't pinging because of no default gateway but the router should become the default gateway on DHCP.

No lights are flashing on the switch or router when I pull up a fader on the board itself - surely this can't be right?

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Hi Peter,

What show file are you using? Have you created one to match the Capture file? Feel free to email this to me (EdwardSmith@Eaton.com) and i'll take a look. A standard CAT5 patch cable will be fine to connect your laptop to FLX S48. 

On the FLX S48, tap Z-> System Information -> System Text. In here, there should be text showing the console is looking for Capture. Does this find your laptop (this should display your PC's name)? Are there any errors? 

Let me know how you get on.


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