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Updating palette

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Hi, firstly must say I'm a new flx user, I was completely blown away by the s24 and I made up my mind to buy one within 30 seconds of seeing it. I got to patching, programming palettes and building a cue stack without even breaking out the manual.. I'm not a novice lampy by any means but it's my first time solo with zerOS. I've come up against a minor user induced problem that I'm hoping somebody can help me fix. When i programmed a prism palette I must have tagged the gobo attribute as well and I can't seem to edit or update the palette in a way which looses the gobo1 attribute, I assumed pressing the button in the wheel would untag it which it does but it doesn't appear to 'save' this change when updated. I'm wary of deleting palettes after a cue stack has been created using this palette because I'm sure it will break it.. any pointers greatfully recieved. Sorry for the long winded question.

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Sorry I'm having trouble navigating the Forum at the moment to find a past topic on this, but it will be something like:

- Tag the parameter to remove

- Turn off Smart Tag

- In the Update window, click Remove

- OK the Update


This is what it is on FLX (full model), not sure how the UI differs on the S24/S48.

Hope this gives you something to try.



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