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interactive user manual - "Zero88 WIKI"

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Hello John and Edward

I come back to my idea of fashion in jobs evolutive on the internet. (A kind of "WIKIPEDIA Zero 88")
A place where you could with the community put the FLX mode of use. (This can also serve as a basis for "XL Solutions and Solutions")

I could visit more quietly and I see you have an active community.

One could imagine linked to this forum this base of instructions that you could create then add some active and informed members of this community to help you to evolve this notice during the updates and thus to have an effective help for the new users.

So I think some of the time you spend answering on the forum could be reduced. But most of all, a lot of the questions would actually have an answer.

In addition to some complicated topics or not clear enough in this leaflet, nothing prevents you from putting the links to topics on forum that you might consider as effective and useful.

Thus it represents a sum of work at the beginning, but which would then be limited to the evolutions only.


I also think it would be a big plus on the markerting side. Because many users users are also available to help.


What do you think ?

Too heavy to do?

A good day to everyone



-- -- -- --

Bonjour John et Edward




Je reviens sur mon idée de mode en emplois évolutif sur internet. (Une sorte de "WIKIPEDIA Zero 88")

Un endroit ou vous pourriez avec la communauté y mettre le mode d'emplois de la FLX. (Cela peut servir aussi de base pour les "Solutions et solutions XL")


j'ai pu visiter plus tranquillement et je vois que vous avez une communauté active.


On pourrait imaginer lié à ce forum cette base de notice que vous pourriez créer puis ajouter quelques membres actifs et avisés de cette communauté pour vous aider à faire évoluer cette notice au fil des mises à jour et ainsi avoir une aide efficace pour les nouveaux utilisateurs.


Ainsi je pense qu'une partie du temps que vous passez à répondre sur le forum pourrait être réduit. Mais que surtout une bonne partie des questions auraient de fait une réponse.


De plus sur certains sujets compliqués ou pas assez claire dans cette notice, rien de vous empêche de mettre les liens vers les sujets sur forum que vous pourriez juger comme efficace et utile.


Ainsi cela représente une somme de travail au debut, mais qui ensuite serait limité au seules evolutions.


Je pense aussi que cela serait un gros plus du coté markerting. Car many users users are also to have a they have as a help.


Qu'en pensez vous ?


Trop lourd à faire ?



Une bonne journée à tous



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Hello Edward,


I think that the solution to have a user manual is precisely to have something that is organized and logical for a new user.

Because the user manual that can be downloaded is organized by chapter.

And if this notice is out of date, (certainly due to the fact that ZerOs versions are faster than the time to write and explain the evolutions ...) it still allows to have a good idea of the operation of the FLX.

But I really think that allowing the new user to have an up-to-date and easily accessible user manual, should be an additional argument coming to you rather than in other brands.

Indeed how many users can tear their hair to find solutions ... And how many brands have only the record of version 1, so that users have no other choice of having to find evening another console and especially disadvised the console. Or try to do the best without the possibility to use all the thing with efficacy...

I think FLX deserves to be known and to sell more.

In France there is the GRAN MA 1, 2 which is on the basic console and nobody dares to go elsewhere ... Even if it is a real gas plant ...
So I think for many shows that I can see with a Gran MA that is only used 10% ...

So having an even more functional FLX on one side (another post on the effects and color management) and a record always up to date and easy to access would be a great idea to go ahead and make the FLX can sell the most possible !

a good day

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