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Fixture request LITECRAFT AT60Zoom

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I would need a fixture file for the LITECRAFT AT-60 Zoom in 7CH mode for a FLX S48.


Here are the channels :

K1 = Master Dimmer 000-255
K2 = Dimmer Rot 000-255
K3 = Dimmer Grün 000-255
K4 = Dimmer Blau 000-255
K5 = Dimmer Weiß 000-255
K6 = Blitz Frequenz  000-030 keine Funktion 031-100 Blitz Frequenz von l -> s 131-200 Random Strobe von l -> s   201-255 keine Funktion
K7 = Zoom 000-255
Thanks in avance for your help

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