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MIDI Timecode problems

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Hi all,

Been having two strange issues with MIDI timecode and our FLX console. The setup I have is as follows:

Timecode coming out of an application called 'Timelord' -> into a Motu Fastlane USB -> connected to the MIDI port on the console. MIDI is being sent at 30fps and the console is set to receive it at 30 fps.

The first issue I am having is that after a certain amount of time (usually 30 mins ish, although this is very inconsistent and has previously done it within a few minutes of turning the console on) the console starts to completely ignore the MIDI timecode thats being given to it, and the only way to solve this is to reboot the console - obviously not ideal in the middle of a show.

In addition to this, a second issue we are having is that when I trigger a cue stack via midi, it also triggers all of the stacks below it. For example, I have a range of different cue stacks stored on playbacks 1 thru 24. Each cue stack has a different midi offset, so the first playback's midi starts at, the second playback at, twelfth playback at, etc.. So NO cuestacks have the same timecode trigger, which puzzles me as to why multiple stacks are triggering at the same time.

Any help would be appreciated - I realise this probably hasn't been explained too well so I apologise for that, we are less than the day before the first show and this bug has started happening!


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