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van den abbeele Eric

chase on Tempo / speed / fade time

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Actually I wanted a few days ago to go to the CHASE section ...

So I followed the instructions without finding solutions ... Which makes me look a little tomorrow or after tomorrow to understand how it works ...
Kevin told me things, but I thought of creating a topic to share your experiences.

So I wanted to convert a cue (with fades) into a chase and I lost all fade times.
I searched without finding solutions how to change the scrolling speed of the chase in question.

Knowing that I would have preferred despite all to be able to choose the time between each step, to thus create a chase with variable time ...

Here is my subject.

1 / From a cue create a chase keeping the fades?

2 / From a cue create one each but have access to a scrolling time.

Thank you to you and your contributions!

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I guess for a variable fade chase you could keep your cue stack and use Auto Trigger to cycle through the cues. In the cue list, choose the Settings button (or select the Cue Options cell and press enter).

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Hi Eric,

When you turn a Playback into a chase, the fade times are no longer used, and are purely there for if you revert the chase back to a playback. To set the fades, go into the settings of your chase (hold SETUP + tap your chases button), and set he fade percentages. This sets the percentage of the duration of each cue that the transition is fading. 

If you don’t want to calculate the BPM for a chase’s speed, you can use Auto cues in a normal Playback as Kevin describes. 

Hope that helps


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