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Pausing Chases

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yet another question from me on chases. You're lighting a band etc. with chases, flashes etc. but then you get to that dramatic pause halfway. How do you do it? How can you get all the chases to pause? Is there a way?


My only solution currently is to have all the lights as a scene on another sub, and then to just raise it slightly above the chases (HTP).

But what if you want some lights to black out at the pause?


This is using just generics by the way, as per usual :)



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Yes that is another way of doing it, thanx 4 that.


I suppose it goes back to my suggestion before that it would be useful to have a master for the submasters, so to speak. Then you could have a 'pause' ready as a scene memory, and just drop the submasters' master and raise the plaxback x.



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Now that is a solution that I like!


Fantastic - exactly what I need.


So if you programmed that sub with channels at say 50% then even pressing the flash button would only raise the relevent lights to that amount wouldn't it?


Thanks very much for that :D , a brilliant solution.



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