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S24 Editing on the fly

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I primarily operate in a theatre environment, so a Cue-stack full of pre-recorded lighting states.

Is it possible to make tweaks during a performance, and to save them, whilst the cue is in live playback on the stage?

Many thanks

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Do you want to make the changes "blind" or "live"? In a theater environment and during rehearsals I assume live.
After doing your changes you can just press UPD and GO to have the current cue updated with the new state.
Don't forget to clear your programmer afterwards 🙂


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Hi Zulu,

Yes, for FLX S consoles to edit a cue live, go into the cue, and use the channel faders/ attribute controls to create your updated scene. When you're happy, tap UPDATE, and tap your Master Playbacks Go button. Your edits will be stored, and the programmer will be automatically cleared as the console grabs the edited fixtures and puts them into the cue.

Hope that helps, 


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24 minutes ago, EwenA said:

Is it possible to edit a single playback live, and exclude other active playbacks from being incorporated into the updated cue?

Yes it is. To do this, when you update the cue, you can disable the “SmartTag” option in the Update options. When SmartTag is disabled, only manual control values will get included, not values form another playback. For information on the SmartTag feature, see here…


Hope this helps,


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