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Android App Update BUG

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I used to use the Z remote app nearly daily in my theatre but since the last update date i've not been able to use it AT ALL 😒 

Version Updated on 30th Jan 2018:
The App loads and I can select what screen I wish to see but once selected screen has loaded the whole app freezes and all touch is non-responsive.
its the same with the Monitor App too.
I'm currently having to take the works iPad into a 30ft Geni with me (Not Ideal), Would like to get back to being able to use my phone handset. 

I did see another Google play user review and report the problem on the app store.
Has anyone else here had this problem? Is there a fix?



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Hi Steve,

On this thread, martin-144 had success with the new Beta app. If you read through the thread, we detail how to sign up for it.

Please give it a go, and let us know how you get on.


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