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Clear programmer on time?

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Hi, i´ve been looking for some clear options... Is there a way to clear the programmer "on time"? On other desks i´ve used there is an option to enter a number, say i press 5 then clear and the programmer releases on 5 sec. Or release on go is also very useful when you make changes to a fixture live and automatically release this when you press go on a cuelist. Is there anything like this in Solution?  Thanks!

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Programmer Time will fade syntax, palettes, clearing the programmer, and releasing cue stacks. To setup Programmer time, hold SETUP + tap an empty Playback, and choose Programmer Time. You can enable Page Lock on this playback so you always have it available if you wish. Click OK, and tapping SUBMASTERS will show you the fade time in the faders window. The Playback’s button will enable or disable the time. 

See more information here...


Hope that helps,


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