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DMX patching problem

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I recently hired a Jester ML 24 for an amateur theatre show. We wanted it to control ten Par150 LED lights set to 8-bit made which required six channels each. So the DMX start addresses for each light should have been six apart, 1 , 7, 13, 19 etc.

But when we chose the PAR150 option in the fixtures library and tried to allocate addresses, it kept allocating addresses 24 or 25 apart - it varied depending on which PAR150 mode it was in. The PAR150 lights have no modes which require 24 or 25 channels.

I'm assuming the fixture library settings had been wrongly set up by the desk's supplier. But we're doing another show soon and I wanted to check it wasn't something basic I was missing.


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This sounds like the 24 dimmer channels were still patched. If so, you will only be able to patch to DMX 25 or greater. Therefore first of all, you would have had to go to DMX patch in Setup, and tap each channel button and tap CLEAR to unpatch them. You would have then should have been able to patch your LED fixtures to 1,7,13,19. 

Hope that helps,


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