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Remote Android App not connecting

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I have an intermittent problem when connecting the remote app to my FLX desk, this problem has occurred since updating the software to V7.9.4.9.

I setup remote options on my desk as follows:

Enable Remote
Disable security
use DHCP

I used to use a static IP address with settings of:

Enable Remote
Disable security
IP - 
Subnet -
Gateway -


other than my mobile this is the only device on the network. phone IP address is generally (this is DHCP so can change time to time but it normally uses the first in the pool) 

the error my phone gets is attached.

Also tried using another router with  ip range 192.168.8.** with subnet of this also had the same outcome.

Any ideas?

Note: this is since i updated the software. I have since installed it again just in case.




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Hi Martin. Thanks for the pointer but I have checked and checked again. Tested on four routers now all on different ip ranges both with the desk on  static ip and dhcp and different cat5 cables. Power cycling everything inbetween changing settings.


I will try the beta remote and see if I get any joy.

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Hi Jon

Just tested the new beta android app and it connects no problem, what ever it was stopping me you have fixed in the beta.

Plus the whole app looks so much better, I like the full syntax option to record, name, delete, etc, iIcan see it being handy for recording pallets when in the rig.


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