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old fixture librarys

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can you still get old fixture library files for the leapfrog96? i have some vareytec par 56 lamps but cant patch them in as they are not in the fixture library.


  • DMX
  • RGB
  • Short housing
  • DMX 512 controllable
  • 6 DMX channels
  • RGB colour mix
  • Stand alone function
  • Sound-to-Light mode
  • 151 LED (51 red, 49 green, 51 blue)
  • Power consumption: Max. 26 W
  • Dimensions: 350 x 285 x 260 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Incl. Filter frames
  • Colour: Black

Further information

Construction Type PAR56
Number of LEDs 151
Color mixing RGB
LED Type Single color LED
Floor housing No
Fanless Yes
remote control not supported
wireless DMX No
Housing Color Black
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12 hours ago, labby said:

can you still get old fixture library files for the leapfrog96?

  • 6 DMX channels


Yes, the released fixture libraries always support the older consoles - although you might have to chop it down a bit to fit onto a floppy disk.

You need more information on the "6 DMX Channels" bit, you should find in the manual what each of these channels controls. There will be red, green, blue, probably dimmer, maybe strobe, probably colour macro in there, but you need to know which channel controls what parameter. There will almost certainly be a fixture in the library that has the correct mapping, but there are so many of these generic/no-name fixtures on the market that you're unlikely to find it listed in the library.

Best course of action is to find the DMX channel descriptions in the manual, and link the manual here, then one of us can build you a fixture definition to save you hunting through the library for something that matches.

The official route is to email a link to the manual to FixtureSupport@Zero88.com and then someone at Zero88 will make one for you. Of source if you have a Windows machine, there is the Fixture Library tools you can use which is what we all use to write fixture definitions for ourselves.


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You've posted on Blueroom about your LED bar 24 channel mode. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=71305&view=findpost&p=562223

Same answer as above.

However Ed/Jon might comment on how to handle such a multichannel fixture on your desk in 24 mode - you might be advised to configure the desk to see it as eight 3-channel RGB fixtures (or whatever multiple of "identical" functions it is) in order to support chases/sequences.


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