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Midi timecode questions

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Hi all,

Got a few questions about MIDI time code. My school have an upcoming dance show where we want to sync audio tracks coming from a PC with lighting on the FLX. There will be around 15 songs (about 3 mins each) and each song's lighting cues will be stored in a separate playback on the FLX. The best way to do this seems like MIDI timecode. 

Firstly, can anyone recommend a USB MIDI interface that would be suitable for this? Jon briefly mentions here that (although not ideal) those cheap USB MIDI cables seem to work for MTC, but not MSC (which is ok as that's not what we're using). We are on a tight budget with this so can't get any expensive gear.

Secondly, Qlab seems the best bet for controlling the sound and output of MTC, but in the possible situation where we can't get hold of a Mac is there any Windows applications that will handle this? I've seen a program called timelord online, but never used it so am unsure if it would work in this scenario. 

Would be great if anyone has experience with this and can shed some light on it! Thanks

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Hi Dan,

MIDI Timecode from your description will be your best option, as any cue on any Playback can be triggered by MIDI Timecode. MIDI Show Control (MSC) only triggers cues on the Master Playback.

For demos, we use the MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI interface...


We use this with QLab for Mac. I haven't used any Windows based software to send MIDI triggers, but I believe software such as Multiplay has this functionality.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


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Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum.

13 hours ago, lacapella said:

If you can make a lesson videos about how to make timecode lightshow with MIDI and SMPTE, And maybe Connect with Art-net to PC and connect to 3d light design programmes. It can be perfect :)

For more information on MIDI Timecode on FLX consoles, see below...


Hope this helps,


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