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Betapak 1 Problem

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Hi Folks,

Newbie here so please be gentle.

Got an issue with 1 of our betapack 1's. Channel 3 if you turn it on via demux or analogue desk it comes on to about 60% but brings CH4 on with it to 60%.

Same applies if you bring up CH4 first. But if you bring both 3 and 4 up both come on to 100% when full 

Is this something simple ?

Thanks in advance.


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I'd be looking at the control cable for that rack first (they do fail!) - sounds like a whisker touching two pins.

After that, you'll need to take the mainboard out to check that - if you're happy fault finding a PCB using a multimeter and a soldering iron, then it should take about an hour plus removing/replacing the PCB.


You could send it me to look at - The Service Guy

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