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Cue starts with full open white

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I have a bunch of LED pars, and I've programmed some cues stacked under a playback fader.
But when I slide the playback fader up it starts with full white en fades to the programmed scene, but I want it to fade from dark to the first scene.
stepping further trough the cues there are no problems and works just fine with fade times.
And when I'am stepping from the last cue to the first it shows no open white en fades directly to the programmed scene.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I first have t program a dark step into it?


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It sounds like you have a colour fade on your first scene in the cue stack, what is happening when you raise the fader is that the LED Par cans are in their 'Home' position, open white, then they fade to the cue position. one way to get around this problem would be to set the colour fade to 0 for the first cue, this way when you raise the fader the colour will jump to the cued colour but the intensity will raise with the fader. this will of course snap the colour from the last cue to the first cue if you are programming a chase or loop effect. Another work around would be to change the home values for the colours to 0.


Hope this sheds some light on your problem.

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