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Have an FLX S48 with the recommended Iiyama 17" touch screen monitor. It won't work as touch screen unless it's calibrated. After calibration attached a keyboard so I could press the "Enter" key. It then works fine till it desk & monitor are powered off.

When it's all powered on I have to go through calibration every time. Any ideas?



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Hi Jim,

If your FLX S is displaying Press ENTER to complete calibration or Press ENTER to cancel calibration, then you are running out of date software. 

The latest release software is ZerOS 7.9.3, available to download and install here...


Once you’ve got this installed, you should find this solves your issue. 


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Our touch screen monitor just decided to stop working after moving the desk, can't calibrate it at all, loaded latest OS, still not doing anything - any ideas? The screen is on and displaying everything, but will not calibrate and cannot be used as a touch screen.

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