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Alphapack faulty


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I support the IT at a small primary school and have been asked to look at their stage lighting. They've got an Alphapack which appears to be faulty. The connected lamps aren't illuminating at all. I have changed all the lamps, checked the cabling, and replaced the fuses in the unit.

The overload LED lights up for about two minutes when the mains is turned on, even with no outputs connected. There is no buzz at all, and the unit does not even warm up.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys might have.


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If you're competent to do so, can you open the unit and check the jumper that sets the max current draw for the unit is still in place? On a UK unit this limits the total current draw across the channels to ensure 13A is not exceeded.

Just an idea I don't know this is the cause. 

Otherwise try directly emailing: keithrogers@eaton.com 

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Which model Alphapack is it - does it have just two DIN sockets or two DIN sockets & 2 XLR Connectors?

Whilst they're functionally similar - internally they're different beasts to work on and will need two different repair solutions...

It sounds like the overload sense coil may have become disconnected from the PCB (this can happen if the unit is moved about a lot without being gentle) or the sense circuit has failed. If it's the model with 2 DIN sockets then I can likely repair it (my contact details are in my profile ) - the other model will probably need to go back to Zero88 because of the internal design.

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