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I am totally new to FLX S24.

I don´t think I can get the effect pallets to work in a good way for my LED fixtures like a bar with 4 LED cans and 4 X uplight cans.

Where can I read og find more info about how I use the effect generator in the right way. Hard for me choosing  colors for the "chase" effect and generals for effects....... Also have problems with the "Rainbow" effect - don't think I can get the effect running real smooth.

How can I make my own effects pallets, and how to save them????? I am missing some real simple and classic "disco chases" like "Nightrider", "Chase in", "Chase out" and "Carousel".

The quality of the FLX S24 are great and the programming is simple so I really hope you can help me to get all out of this great compact product ;-)

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After watching some videos and reading more hours in the manual I think i understand the effect generator a bit better - but still long way for me to get all out of the FLX S24 ;-)

The videos on Zero 88s YouTube channel are great for me :-)

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