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Evening all, 

I'm having a few problems with chases...i am using some Robe LEDBeam 150s and have found that the colour sequence I want isn't pre-built in so I'm creating a chase and then adding into the cue stack as a macro. 

I have different colours on each fixture, and then three further cues, each cue changes the colour of each fixture. 

I have added fade times, but no matter what I set them to the colour snaps and doesn't fade. I must be doing something wrong! One of my cues won't even let me put any fade up or down times in at all! 

As always, any advice would be appreciated! 



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5 hours ago, kgallen said:

Hi Rob, I’d expect this to be the colour fade times of the cues in the playback where the sequence is recorded. Are you finding this not the case?

if you split the playback into non chase cues can you run the cue stack with fades as expected?

Are you on 7.9.3?


Hi Kevin, 

The colour fade times are set to 3 seconds, and if I split the cue into a normal stack they behave as expected, it's only when I turn it into a chase that the problem arises. 

I am running 7.9.3. 


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Hi Rob,

The fade times displayed per cue of your chase are only there for if the Playback is reverted from a chase as you describe. Chases therefore don't use these fades. To achieve a cross-fade between the steps of your chase, go into the Chase's Settings by holding SETUP and tapping the Playback's button, and then set the Percentage cross fade you wish colour parameters to use. 100% cross fade means that 100% of the duration of each cue of the chase, the colour will be fading.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know


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