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Android Remote playbacks with Leapfrog

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When using the Android ZerOS Remote with a Leapfrog 96 odd things are happening when the playbacks are used.

When all playbacks are switched on having all been off, the first playback to be raised then becomes the one that will be raised with ALL the playbacks in the same position in the groups of 6 whether or not they have been programmed.

For example: Playbacks 1,7,13 & 19 are programmed and all are off. They are all then switched on by pressing the flash buttons and 13 is raised on the remote. As expected 13's lights will be correctly raised. Lower 13 and raise 19 on the remote. The lights of 13 are raised. The same happens if 1,7,19 or any other unprogrammed playback in the same position in the groups of 6 is raised. It is not possible to get anything else except 13.

All operates correctly using the playbacks on the desk.

The Leapfrog has ZerOS 7.9.3 and the remote is
The same thing happened with ZerOS 7.9.2 and the previous version of the remote.
The Android version is 7.0


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Hi Norman

I can't recreate this issue, and haven't come across this before. Would you be able to send a copy of the show file the issue is in, as that may help to find the cause of the issue. Also, what Android tablet are you using?


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Hello Edward

Not a tablet, a mobile phone which is a Motorola/Levono Moto g5.

There is no specific show programmed. I keep FOH on playbacks 1 to 4 and a follow spot on playback 30 permanently. I first found the problem when programming a basic stage to a spare playback when sound was more important than lights and so was not able to be at the Leapfrog. I tested in detail as described above by programming two or three channels into each of the playbacks so it was obvious which playback was outputting by the position on the screen.

Attached is the show file used without the test playbacks.


Basic Setup.isf

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