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Blizzard Pixelstorm COB personality for Fat Frog

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Has anyone come up with a personality for the Pixelstorm COB from Blizzard for the Fat Frog. I have 12 of them and would like to take advantage of all the possibilities with these strips. They are pixel addressable but I need a personality installed to take full advantage.

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Post a link to the manual in the Fixtures forum and it shall appear! 

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Is this it?


It's got 8 different modes, one is 68 channels. Is there a particular mode you're interested in before we spend the time coding them all up? Is there a particular way you intend to use this fixture that might guide how we structure the fixture? So, you say you've got 12 of them and using the 68 channel profile would thus require 816 DMX channels, and you can only address 512 with a Fat Frog, so you're not going to be able to do full pixel control with this desk (wonderful though it is...).

Have you had a go at using the Zero88 fixture tools to define this fixture and thus tune it to your intended use cases?



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