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Mixing colors playback

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i’m using My FLX S48 since few weeks and I have a question

basically I want to know if it’s possible to mix two playbacks.

for example:

with simple leds pars l’m creating a red playback and another one with the blue color.

when I use individually both playbacks no issues I have either red or blue color.

i wanted to know if there is a way to mix both colors to have purple (in this case) when both playbacks are at 100%??

because today if the red is full and I increase the blue, then the par switch directly to the blue and the effect is not nice during a show.

i tried to play in the playbacks settings but I found nothing.


thanks for,your help

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Hold SETUP and press the Playback's button. In this window, under "Fader Controls..." you can choose "Colour". Now, as you fade up the Blue fader, instead of snapping from Red to Blue, or fading over a pre-defined length of time, it now fades from Red to Blue with the fader - if you stop moving the fader, the colour fade stops.

If you want "colour mixing" on the faders (so when Red and Blue are up together you get Magenta), you can use this tool with a few other tricks to achieve that. Follow the instructions here: http://support.zero88.com/1014413041

However, I would generally suggest there are better ways of controlling colour in a live situation. Make sure you're familiar with "Programmer Time" which is a fantastic tool for live busking of colour (and any other parameters).

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