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Chase drive modifiers...

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Hi I'm a student at KEGS, Chelmsford and we are currently using a Bullfrog -


I was wondering whether somebody could please explain what exactly you can do with each of the chase drive options (auto, vari, bass etc.) as the manual appears only to list the options and not describe their uses.



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The Drive modifier determines what triggers the next step of the chase to be output and has the following options:


Auto - the chase runs automatcially at the programmed speed.


Bass - The bass beat of the audio signal input to the desk triggers the chase. If the music stops, or the audio input signal is removed the chase will stop.


Vari - A combination of Auto and Bass. The basic chase speed is determined by the value of the speed modifier, and additional triggers are provided by the bass beat of the incoming audio signal.


Manual - Pressing the corresponding STEP button on the front panel of the desk triggers the next step of the chase.


Beat - Tapping the corresponding STEP button twice will set the beat 'speed' of the chase.


Note - From Version 9.0 onwards, all the chase modifiers may be adjusted live, as required.

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