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RWT - Green Output Channel Lights always on


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Zero 88 Betapack 2

With a DMX USB PC controller I can operate channels 1-4 quite happily (and indeed other channels on 2 other dimmer packs chained together). Unfortunately channels 5 & 6 cannot be changes at all. 

  • You can see that the Green Channel Output Lights are permanently ON for channels 5 & 6
  • I plugged a lamp into each channel and press the Test Button – in neither case does the lamp light up – this test works quite happily on the other channels


Would you have any ideas – the fuse blown lights appear to be off although I have not taken them out and tested them.


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It's going to be a dry joint on the DMX PCB or the test/input card - BetaPack 2's can be a pain for this sort of thing - it might even be that the preheat/test levels need resetting, some folks like to turn them up full so they don't need to connect a desk for some basic lighting.

You're going to have to open the rack and remove the DMX card to give it a look over or get it to someone that can repair BetaPack 2's - should be about an hours work in total. There may be a failed IC on the input card but anyone who's been around these racks for long enough will know what to do.

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16 hours ago, kgallen said:

He's there ^^^^ iank99 ^^^^ :D

(This is a non-commission based advert, somehow I've not negotiated a cut of the profits yet... :huh: )

Yes - I could look at your rack  but I try not to advertise here overtly (it's just good manners to my mind) - let me know if you need me too.

Kevin - you didn't get the £200 in used tenners I left at reception for you in the brown envelope then? :P

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