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Move on Dark - Need Clarification/Help!

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Hi all,

I'm working with an Orb XF and I'm trying to figure out how Move on Dark works/is supposed to work. I already have it enabled in the stack that I am creating cues in, but I'm pretty sure it's either not working, or I didn't initialize it somehow.

I have a particular cue 0.4 that I programmed two movers to a particular position, gobo, effect, etc, and then made the intensity 0, so that in the next cue, 0.5, I can simply bring up the intensity without having the two lights moving about to the position I programmed.

WELL, it's not working. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but after recording 0.4 and then recording 0.5 with the intensity up, going back to 0.4, the lights aren't in the position I set and none of the effects were saved. This results in the lights moving across my auditorium to the position of 0.5, which I am desperately trying to avoid.

Further, eventually I plan to move all of these cues down in the stack, to cue 20.0 and so on (or something like that) because I will be recording additional cues higher up in the stack. Is doing that going to affect the move on dark programming, if I can even get it to work properly?

Basically, I just need some major assistance.

I am running ZerOS v., mainly because we are afraid that updating it will screw everything up.



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Hi Mark,

I'll attempt a half-baked answer until Edward comes along, as you might be trying to do this now.

In theory you don't have to do anything for move on dark, the desk just works it out for you. It's possible, depending on whether the movers are used in your previous cue (0.3?) you don't actually need your cue 0.4. If your movers are unlit in 0.3 then just record 0.5 with the position/beamshape/intensity you want. When cue 0.3 has run, say your movers fade out in 0.3, once they've done that the desk will "move on dark" them ready for the intensity build in 0.5.

If you need the 0.4 step to do the move, it's possible the desk is not recording those parameters because the fixture intensity is at 0 - if you're using Tracking+SmartTag then this might be the cause (Edward can clarify this). I think the way around this would be when you RECORD your 0.4, in the Record window that pops up, turn off SmartTag (assuming you're using SmartTag usually, make sure this is back on for the next cue you record). If you've just moved the movers and set the gobo etc, then the position and beamshape attributes should be "tagged" so these should get recorded into the 0.4 cue. Then when you record 0.5, the intensity should be up but the position/beamshape should track from 0.4.

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on.


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Hi Mark,

Kevin’s correct- Move on Dark will be default automatically happen without you having to think about it, where ORB XF will prep your lights for you when they aren’t lit, ready for the next cue they are on in.

 It sounds like as Kevin says you have SmartTag enabled, which means fixtures at 0% won’t get recorded. Therefore if you do wish to record at 0% intensity, tap the SMART TAG button so that it isn’t lit for when you record this cue. 

By default Move on Dark won’t prep an effect, however this can be enabled in the Stack settings. 

As Move on Dark reads ahead to the next cue your fixtures are used in, you are able to copy/ Move cues around and Move on Dark will continue to function.

We recommend users always run the latest software, which currently is ZerOS 7.9.3 available here...

This software does change the operation of ORB XF, so if you are going to update it would be worth taking a look at the document below...



Hope that helps, any queries let me know. 


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