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replacement buttons for fat frog

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Hi. my hard working fat frog is getting tired the outputs toggle swith/button and fixture button 2 toggle / swith have failed and i am looking to replace them is there somwhere i can contact to get new / good second hand replacements 

Thanks Richard

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The switch mechanism is still available as a spare from Zero88, so you should be able to order from your local Zero88 Dealer or from a Zero88 parts supplier *coughs*.

Each mechanism comes complete with the cap so you don't need to faff swapping that but the LED's aren't  interchangeable as they're embedded in the mechanism case.

From experience - it takes about 20 minutes to desolder/solder the button mechanism in place once you've opened the case - if you've not changed the battery in the desk for a while, do that whilst it's open.


Frog parts.jpg

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