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how to transfer cues manually ?

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What software version are you running? If you are running ZerOS 7.9.2 or later the operation of the console is very different to how the original manual describes, as outlined in this document...
http://nr1.s3.amazonaws.com/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3AF10D9F/1/changes to operation of solution consoles within zeros 7.9.2 and later.pdf

The latest manual can be found here...
http://zero88.com/manuals/IM9210 - Solution Manual Issue 2.0.pdf

The software version can be found by clicking "Other Windows" in the top left of the Output Window, and then clicking "System Information" from the drop down.

When you say transfer I presume you mean Copying cues? If you are running ZerOS 7.9.2 or later copying cues is done in the Copy window you have been seeing. If you are viewing the cue list containing the cue you wish to copy, tap COPY, type the cue number you want to copy from, press ENTER, then type the cue number you want the copy to be numbered as, and then tap ENTER. You will then have made an exact copy of the cue.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.

Kind regards

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It sounds like for this you need to use Speed Override. This allows to speed up or slow down the cue transition using the Speed Override pot. Therefore set an estimated time you think it will take to transition from one cue to the next, then press GO to advance into the cue, and during the fade you can use the Speed Override pot to adjust the speed live.

You can assign Speed Override to a fader if you wish by holding SETUP and tapping a blank Playback (submaster) button, and then choosing Speed Override. This will then work in exactly the same way the pot does, and 50% fader travel will be no override. 

The latest software is ZerOS 7.9.3, not, which is available to download here...

Hope that helps, any queries let me know

Kind regards

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if you have just a few cues on your stack (not dozens) the following could be helpfull :

be sure to be in "Smart-Tag" mode
be sure to have the needed number of empty playback-faders (one for each Cue needed)
Now bring up the first Cue, hit record and then the first empty playback-flash-button; continue the same for the second Cue on the next playback-fader... and so on...

you now have splitted the Cue-Stack into individual Cues (one per Playback) and you can use them as "Submasters" in a manual way you might need it....

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