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Jon Hole

ZerOS 7.9.3 Released

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Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.9.3 software - a new software release for ORB Series, Solution Series, FLX & FLXS, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leap Frog 48 & 96.

More information can be found at zero88.com/software/zeros

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Our contact details are:

email: support@zero88.com
phone: 01633 838088

Best Regards,

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Just to let you know that although the associated 7.9.3 apps install on an iPhone running 11.2, they cannot be installed on iPads which are running the latest apple 10.3.3 release :(



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That will mean iPad4 (2013, Lightning connector), iPhone 5 and earlier won't work and iPad Air and iPhone 5s and newer should. 

10.3.3 is the last iOS release for the 32-bit platforms. Platforms after that are based on 64-bit processors.

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