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I can't post in "News and Announcements" so have to start a topic here.

We used to be able to get back to the main Zero88 site from the Forum. There doesn't seem to be a click zone to do that now. OK, so I just edit off the "/forum" bit in the URL but that is a bit of a drag because I have to wake my fingers up.

When I'm helping other users on your behalf ;):P (*) it can be necessary to go back to the main site to provide a link for documentation/software/related products etc so making this easy helps us help you B) if you are able to add this.

Thanks, Kevin


* Yes I know the Forum is there for users to help users and is not there just for Zero88 to answer questions, but you get my drift :P. I'm a resource not on the payroll...!

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Nice one!

Bet it took you longer to find that graphic than add the tab!

Thanks Jon!

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(On which note, Jon's graphic is not being displayed this morning - seemed to be showing ok last night...). Admittedly I'm on my work laptop this morning and last night on my home PC. But both Win10 and Chrome browser. <_<

ETA: Hmmm, rendering ok at home still...! Weird. Maybe a firewall at work...

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:05 AM, iank99 said:

I bet he keeps a few on his hard drive for such occasions :P

My what?! Everything's saved on the cloud* now Ian!


*(by "saved", I mean "searched". And by "cloud", I mean "Google").

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