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Fixture Swap-Out - HowTo

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Hi Ed,

Earlier today you replied to Mac on Blue-Room regards "Fixture Swap-out". I just had a read of the FLX manual and didn't see it described. Maybe you'd share the salient points here or on the BR thread? I'm sure it would be of interest to users.

Thanks, Kevin

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Hi Kevin, go to SETUP then:

- on FLX S and/or beta software - in the Fixture Schedule tap the fixture type which takes you to “Add Fixtures” and allows you to change the fixture

- on release software of all other consoles - in Patch Overview, go to the “type” column and tap “change”. This takes you to the Patch Wizard where you can change the mode or press “back” to change the fixture type

This is slightly different if patched via RigSync. In this situation, when the new fixture is discovered, renumber it to the same number as the original fixture and choose “merge”

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Thanks Jon.

For future reference, "beta" above refers to ~ (probably) or later. This function is thus expected to be production in 7.9.3.

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