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creating a multi type fixture with Fixture Type Editor

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I have Chauvet Professional Vesuivo RGBA foggers that I would like to control the fog on a preset fader and the other 8 channels for the LEDs on a MFK. How do I create a fixture of this type?


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Please find attached the fixture file for the Chauvet Versuvio RGBA...

Chauvet Versuvio RGBA.ift

This fixture file contains 2 modes, one in the standard 9 channel mode, and the other minus the Fog channel. To achieve what you're after, patch the mode without the fog channel to the MFKs, with the address of your Chauvet Versuvio's start address +1 (for example if the fixture is set to 101, set the fixture file minus fog on the MFKs to 102).

Then, patch the channel fader you wish to control the fog from to match the start address of your fixture. To do this go into SETUP -> Edit Fixtures -> Tap the channel flash button of the channel fader you want to edit -> Patch -> Type the new DMX address in.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.

Kind regards

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