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New Effects Pallets - To include position pallet information

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I am attempting to set up a set of new pallets to include within them various effects and associated sizes and speeds etc.


I have a position pallet named 'Home Effects' which brings my movers around to a starting position and I then add an effect and adjust size and speed (I will make a separate post regarding Offset). I was hoping to record this to an effects pallet however on doing that the 'Home Effects' information is discarded so the movers are not operating as required.


Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not possible using pallets....??

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Hi Mac,


Effects Palettes will by default only Record the Effect with its associated Size, Speed and Offsets. Therefore Position data will not get recorded in with them.

To create the effect you want you will therefore have to apply your Position Palette, followed by your Effects Palette. You can then Record this to a Playback/UDK.


The only way of including Position data in an Effects palette is to do a Record All. To do this rather than tapping Record, followed by an empty Effects palette, hold SHIFT and tap RECORD and then tap your empty palette.

You will notice this brings "Record All" into the command line, and "Snapshot" will be highlighted in the Record Options pop up. Doing this however will also record Intensity, Colour and Beam data into the palette as well as Effect and Position data.


Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


Kind regards


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