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Playbacks change the whole show :(

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i have some Stubid question i use oure Console now a long time an never had this problem befor!

(I updated the Console)


I use the Playbacks for MH Movments.

When i start a Playback the Whole show are Overwriten, LEDs and Moving Haed Color/Gobo.


I allways have made a Record that way...

With the previous Firmware Version: Press 2x CLEAR set de Show up record... and it recorded only the stuf where i change a value.


How do i do that at the current version? :wacko:



Thanks for your support!

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Another thing to try - hold SETUP and press the GO button, choose "Advanced" at the top of the window that appears, and choose "Unblock". If this solves the problem, let us know and we'll try to work out how the problem was caused!

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