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A quick way to set the numerical value of non-intensity channels

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Is there an easy way to set the numerical value of non-intensity channels?


The usual Home for an LED is R=G=B=255. To get R,G,B to a value of 0 requires some furious rotation on each respective encoder which takes some 5 seconds per parameter. This is a little clunky.


I tried holding the encoder centre button and typing on the keypad in the hope that this might work (nope).


Sure, usually we'd use some pre-programmed palettes or the great range of filter look-ups on the FLX. But just sometimes you need to get those values to 0 because you don't want a non-zero value tracking though a cue stack.


If not, enhancement ZOS-xxxx?





ETA: Encoder behaviour is the default (Proportional) but the acceleration curve seems pretty shallow with rotation speed.

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Hi Kevin,


Currently there is no way of typing the 8 bit/16 bit value for parameters.


However to quickly get RGB(W) values to 0, in the Colour Picker use the Value slider on the right of the touchscreen to scale down the RGBW values.


We are looking into refining encoder sensitivity across all ZerOS consoles for ZerOS 7.9.3.

This will bring similar sensitivity on all consoles irrespective of the encoder type.


Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


Kind regards


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Hi Ed,


Thanks for the quick feedback - good tip, thanks.




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