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Updating a Cue and Chase in Cue Stack

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Hi there.


I might be missing something but here is my problem...


I have a cue stack programmed using effects such as the dimmer 'smooth' effect. I use this quite happily night after night however when I come to edit the cue say I move the movers position slightly then update the cue, the dimmer effect stops running. I have tried a few different options on the pop up window but always the effect stops. It seems to remember movement and rainbow effects just not any of the dimmer effects.


I'm using the latest software and running the desk in tracking basic.



Also what are the chances of being able to create a chase within a cue stack again at least for playback 0? I really miss this feature which I mainly used for looping cues. i.e. cue 21 Chorus <man step chase> Verse <man step chase> Chorus then run next memory 22 to black out.




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When you press UPDATE, turn off SmartTag in the Update Options pop-up before pressing ENTER/ the Playback button. Your cue should then be updated as expected.

Next time you Record/Update a cue you can turn SmartTag back on in the same window.

We will update SmartTag to avoid this happening in the future.


No there is no plan to bring back Chases straight into cues.

I would suggest for what you want to do is program your "chase steps" on the nearest Playback fader to the Master Playback, and then trigger it from the master cue stack in your desired cue using a Macro.

You can then use the Playback button to advance through these "chase steps" on your new playback once its triggered, and then press your Master Playback Go to advance to the next cue containing a Playback Release Macro of your new playback.

You can repeat this on different Playbacks if you need several different chases or stacks to be triggered by the master.


Hope that helps, any queries let me know


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