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Solution - playback stack - how does it work in 9.2

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I have a question about sequencer stacks on Playbacks

when (in the playback Setup) trigger on Raise and Lower are enabled, the GO-button also act as Solo

=> even with the master fader totally down, each GO triggers the Cue at full output and even stays at full output !! I have to take the fader to the top and then pull it down to have a dimmer function


when trigger on Raise and Lower is disabled, this strange behaviour also occurs the first time when starting the playback (for example after : Clear+Playback and then hit GO with the fader down -> every Cue is output at "full")

strange thing : I raise the fader and pull it down again and now I can hit the GOs in "blind-mode"...


very strange behaviour and I am not shure that this works like it should...

I am not very happy with it !

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Hi Ziglight,


Yes I think you have found a bug. As you say you may want to bring the fader down and "blindly" advance to a new cue, to then fade up, which wouldn't now be an option.



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Hello Ed and thanks for the response...

I wasn't sure if this is a bug or just something I don't understand

in any case it changed since 7.8 and I am not comfortable with.... (I use those Cue-Stacks not as theatre-sequences but more as container for various Cues where I can chose just the one to use at a given moment (-> concert use....) - for example having several colors for a given Fixture-group in just one playback

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Hi guys.

Does it fixed in a current ver.?





Hi Denys,


No this issue fix is not implemented in ZerOS


Kind regards


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