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Parking a Moving Light

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I have been trying to find out more about "parking" a fixture. Mention is made in the manual under the UDK section, it says details are "elsewhere", but I can't see where.


This is the scenario................

  • I am "temping" at a venue with an FLX and a large rig with generics and some LED wash movers
  • There is a concert (big band) booked in on a day that I can't be there
  • The op/designer with the Big Band is an ETC guy and has never seen an FLX before.
  • The plan is to run the show on subs/mffs/playbacks, with most of the light coming from the generics
  • There is a need for some static highlights, provided by the movers, to be positioned in the 2 hour "rehearsal" just before the show.
  • There are no plans to "move" the movers once they have been positioned on the areas of the stage to be highlighted. (Drums, Keys, Woodwind etc.)


As I can't be there, I am after the easiest solution, so that I can write down instructions to the incoming tech guy to do the following........

  • Position the (x4) moving LEDS to the required highlight positions (inc. zoom)
  • Record several states on different playbacks with a combination of generics and the movers in different colours BUT without them changing position and zoom when each/any of the playbacks are raised/lowered.


I know several complicated ways of doing it, but what I am really after is: "parking" the fixtures in a fixed position/zoom and them using them as if they are simple fixed LED fixtures.


Does anyone have a simple solution - any thoughts.







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Hi Alan,


Parking does sound like the simplest option for this scenario.

To setup the park function, hold SETUP + an empty UDK, and in the drop down window select "Park". It may also be useful to select "Unpark" in the shifted option for when shift is held down with the UDK.


When you have put your moving fixtures in a position/ focus you don't want to be moved, simply select your fixture numbers, and press your "Park" UDK. In the outputs window they will now appear with a red box around their respective fixture numbers. These will now be parked and won't be affected by any other Playbacks (or Grand Master/ Blackout) until they are selected and "Unparked" (SHIFT + your park UDK).


Hope that helps,


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Hi Edward.

Thanks for that, the creating of a "Park" UDK works well. However I can't see how to only "park" the position and beam parameters and leave the Intensity and colour available to be controlled by all the playbacks.

This is what I need so that each single playback has a colour wash and/or highlight that can be "busked" on the night without any of the movers moving from the position/zoom that was determined during the brief rehearsal/get in.


I hope that makes sense.





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Hi Alan,


Yep that does make sense, and so what you may want to do instead of Parking is to have a UDK that can be left on with the movers in their positions.


Set up your Position, Zoom and Focus for your movers that you don't want to be changed, and ensuring that just these parameters are Tagged, record the state to a UDK.

Tagging of parameters tells the console what to add to the programmer, ready to be recorded. Parameters appear with a light blue background above the encoders if they are tagged. They will automatically be tagged if you adjust them. Where you may need to be careful is if you have put your intensity up to position your movers, you will need to Untag the intensity parameter before recording to a UDK. To Untag tap on the parameter on the touchscreen above the Encoders- you will see it return to a dark blue background.


When you record your various playbacks ready for operation, you will need to ensure you do not tag any position or focus/ zoom data that will conflict with your programming in your UDK. Remember if you do accidentally adjust the data of these parameters before programming, Untagging by pressing the parameter above the encoders is the easiest thing to do.


During operation, you will therefore have position on the UDK that can remain untouched and static throughout, and your Playbacks will then act as purely intensity/ colour control of the fixtures. If you haven't tagged Gobo into your UDK replay state, you can include this in your playback programming too, to include more varied looks.


Hope this makes sense and is what you're after. The Park feature as you say is to park all parameters of a fixture.



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Thanks Edward.


I will try that plan at some stage tomorrow. I have to say that is pretty similar to one of my solutions - using a playback instead of a UDK to record a state with the position/zoom of the movers tagged - and then to record all the busking states/playbacks with the colour and intensities tagged and the position/zoom untagged.


I was hoping there was a simpler solution, that I could explain to a FLX newcomer either over the phone, or on paper (our paths aren't going to cross).


I will report back.





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