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Fixture update fail.

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My ML24 is a nightmare when it comes to updating via USB. I am trying to update from V30 to V32.


I am loading gft32_00.ift


It starts loading and eventually it gets to 99% and then gives the error message 'Wrong File Type'


My desk seems very picky about USB sticks and it is hard to find one it will talk to. I have tried reformatting them and being a Mac user I have tried using the DOS formatting available.


Any thoughts please?


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More. . . .

As you would expect when trying to install the fixture update I went through all the possible fixes including resetting the desk and unplugging it and waiting for a minute or so before powering it up again. All to no avail, the error message recurred each time.


This morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I powered up the desk and tried again. To my exasperation it worked. Same memory stick same everything. Frustrating isn't it?

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Hi Terry,


Odd... you clearly shouldn't be experiencing this.


Normally when we see a Fixture Library installation fail part-way through with the error "Wrong File Type", it's because the ZerOS library rather than the "Filtered Library" is being used - however I'd expect it to fail earlier than 99% of the way through, and not to then randomly work the following morning.


I'm part-wondering if it's because it's formatted on macOS, however I don't see why this should be an issue. I'm also part-wondering if there's a hardware issue with the USB on your console - how old is it?



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