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Remote switches

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I'm on a roll with the forum posts today!

I made up a remote switch box this afternoon with parts from CPC and ebay(including a D sub socket with screw connectors which saved some fiddly soldering)

In "Inputs and Outputs" I enabled switch 1 to trigger a playback that contains a chase. I press the switch(A momentary switch) and the chase runs but as the fader is at 0 there is no intensity and therefore no light (I can see the steps in the chase being displayed as they cycle round) the chase continues even after the button Is released.

If I wanted a chase to run at full intensity only while the button is pressed is this a job for a Macro or is there some other way to achieve this?



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Hi Chris,


As the remote switches for FLX are closed contact, it means the moment the switch circuit is shorted the trigger will be sent, irrespective of how long you then hold the switch closed and then release it- your trigger will have activated. You will therefore need to press once to trigger, and again to release.


How I would do this is program 2 completely blank cues into a new separate cue stack. In Cue 1 of this stack go into Cue Settings -> Macros... -> Trigger Playback: (Your Chase).

In the second cue go into Cue Settings -> Macros... -> Release Playback: (Your Chase).


Then Program a Macro that presses Go on this Macro Stack (not your Chase stack): RECORD -> MACRO -> [any number] -> Keys -> Press the button underneath your Macro Stack -> MACRO (to finish recording this macro).


Then within SETUP -> Inputs & Outputs, rather than setting your remote switch to trigger the first cue of your chase, set it as a Macro trigger for the Macro you just programmed pressing GO on your Macro Stack. This means pressing your remote switch once will trigger the stack at your recorded intensity, and pressing it again will release it. Setting fade times Up & Down within your Macro Stack will allow you to dictate the Fade Time of the chase when it is activated and released.


Hope this helps and makes sense, there may be an easier way to do this, but this works for me!


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Hi Edward, thanks that's great. I will give that a try in the next few days. This is a steep learning curve for me. When I started at this venue in Sept with no proper lighting background we had an old 24ch Strand desk running D54 protocol, 12 par cans and 4 Fresnels. I'm dragging it kicking and screaming in to the current century We have now added DMX dimmers, the FLX, Mac 250 Entours, LED PARs and a couple of LED multi beam effect fixtures. I will be busking my first show for a touring band on the 29th so fingers crossed.



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