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Relationship between playbacks sharing the same MFF

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Until today I have run all my shows on a single page of playbacks. On using two pages for the first time I came up with an issue that probably has a simple solution.


Playback 1 on page 1 has a nice cue stack of LED washes. The MFF is left sitting at max on one of the cues.

I then move to page 2 of the playbacks where I have a chase on a different group of fixtures recorded on playback 25.

I want to keep the wash recorded on playback 1 running but as I lower the MFF controlling playback 25 the wash from playback 1 is dimmed then the chase recorded on playback 25 is played back when the fader is raised again.

Any pointers?




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Hi Chris,


I can't seem to recreate this.

It sounds as though you must have changed the page back to Page 1 and taken control of Playback 1, rather than being on Page 2 taking control of Playback 25.

When changing page with a playback still raised and active, it will continue to play until you go back to its respective page and change the fader position.


Page Holdover by default is set to Disabled (SETUP -> System Settings -> Page Holdover if Active). Changing this to Enabled means that if Playback 1 is raised and active you wouldn't be able to take control of Playback 25 on Page 2 until you lowered and released Playback 1.


Feel free to attach your show file and I'll take a closer look- are you running the latest ZerOS release? (7.9.2)



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